the icon series!

so i started dating this guy {who, spoiler alert, i got to marry a number of months later}, and as much as he “loves” my art, he is a bit more subtle and refined than i.  {he also happens to be an oil portrait painter and realistic landscape artist.  he’s good.  but doesn’t quite have the flair for the dramatic illustrative colour explosions i do.  teehee.}

anyway– we collaborated on a new idea for me– luxe stationary cards with subtle references to some pop culture faves.  {“the princess bride” was was of our first dates, shown in the park downtown greenville.  classic!}

so here you have some ink and coloured pencil renderings of both princess bride and you know, that helmet guy from star wars…

you can buy the princess bride icon series cards here on my etsy shoppe:

and for the any-occasion, here’s darth…

you can buy the star wars icon series card here on my etsy shoppe: