glinda the good & raggedy ann…

i just finished painting two new faerie tale feet minis in preparation for the harbor arts & books festival next weekend in maine.

glinda the good already sold (woohoo facebook progress photos!), but wanted to show you the process. ¬†ūüôā

i read “glinda of oz,” l. frank baum’s last oz novel, posthumously published. ¬†glinda isn’t in it as much as i expected, but it was a good read.

and i RE-read yet again “the wonderful wizard of oz.” ¬†unlike the movie version, glinda is not who we meet when we land among the munchkins once dorothy’s house takes out the wicked witch of the east. ¬†it’s actually the good witch of the north, a little old lady in all white. ¬†we don’t meet glinda, “the good sorceress of oz” until the end of the book, after dorothy and friends have crossed the desert, and some other kooky lands, to reach her once the wizard has accidentally flown away in his hot air balloon to kansas without our fearless farmgirl heroine in the basket, too.

in the book, glinda wears an all-white dress and her throne and crown are accentuated with rubies. ¬†(probably where mgm got the idea for the ruby slippers to show off dorothy’s footwear in full technicolor glory!)

but for this painting, i couldn’t bear not to do glinda as pictured on film in munchkinland. so we’ve got her bubbles and fluffy pink dress. ¬†and all the rest of our oz friends are down below on the yellow brick road.

it’s literally my favorite painting i’ve done in a while. ¬†i love it. ¬†and it’s already found it’s own “no place like home.”

here was my favorite quote from “glinda of oz,” by l. frank baum:


“am i really wonderful?” asked the scarecrow.

“you are unusual,” replied glinda.


ūüôā ¬†i get it. ¬†thank you for being gracious, glinda the good!


and here’s another mini i just finished, “sewn hugs,” inspired by johnny gruelle’s raggedy ann and andy stories, and modeled from my very own raggedy ann my mom sewed for my VERY first Christmas. ¬†it includes the candy heart that was sewn into her when her stuffing got replaced, the shoe-button eyes, and safety pin because she was always encouraging the other dolls and mending things with kindness.

this one is still available, so email me at if you’re interested in taking her home.


8.25×6.25″ in the frame
just $110.


happy adventuring!

peace, love, & colour to you,


“onward, dorothy.”

planning out the icon arrangements for the checkerboard pattern
yes, i do my layouts with tape & paper & transfer paper. none of this computer nonsense.
drawings are transferred to illustration board.
and one-by-one, we start painting the background colours!
more greens for days…
ah… the ruby slippers. how convenient that red is the complementary colour of green to make them pop even more!
pop pop pop…. adding contrast and painterly sequins.
ooooh, i want those shoes!

based on l. frank baum’s the wizard of oz, “onward, dorothy” is an exciting command to just keep going on life’s great big adventure.

i pictured the background as both a checkerboard of obstacles she must overcome, as well as an allusion to that infamous yellow brick road.

the sepia frame is another reference to both the classic movie’s opening scenes which were NOT in full technicolor, and again, that yellow brick road, the path she has to follow and conquer on her way to oz.

in baum’s novel, the slippers were of course silver. ¬†but mgm, wanting to show off their new technicolor technology, gave us the illustrious ruby slippers. ¬†so i fudged a bit on the original source material, but come on– who doesn’t want a pair of ruby slippers that sparkle that well?!

background icons include¬†dorothy’s basket, toto her trusted sidekick companion on both sides of the rainbow, the wicked witch of the west’s broom, a crow for the scarecrow, an oil can for the tin man, the cowardly lion’s silhouette, and emerald glasses (in the book, not everything in the emerald city was actually the color emerald, the visitors were given a pair of green-shade sunglasses to wear!)

you can purchase the faerie tale feet print here on my etsy shop:

the onward, dorothy greeting card here:

& fun fact, the piece of art that made me want to be an artist/illustrator was dorothy & the gang entering the emerald city, a watercolor piece by charles santore.  breathtaking.