faerie tale feet: the coloring book vol. i

this is gonna be good!

i’ve had requests.  i’ve seen the shelves.  i’ve seen the social media posts.  i understand the joy of coloring!

halthegal’s first faerie tale feet coloring book COULD be yours!  you have until black friday to help kickstart this project– i really can’t wait to share it with you!

pitch in if you can.  incentives include a first edition, or one of the original drawings used to create the book, or for the uber*generous, an original faerie tale feet painting, too!

please join the party here:

thanks for your support!

peace, love, & colour to you,



“alice to a tea.”

we start with tracing all of our icon drawings to fill in the page with a background pattern.
then we start by painting around ALL of the icons with our background colour. i chose a light blue*ish periwinkle.
then, one*by*one, we start painting in all of the individual icon shapes.
until there is more & more colour everywhere!
background icons are almost all painted…
"alice to a tea." based on lewis carroll's "alice's adventures in wonderland."
and we end by colouring in the feet!

“alice to a tea.”

was the very first faerie tale feet painting i ever did.

which means i didn’t put as much crazy levels of research into it as i have the subsequent paintings in the series.  it is a fave book of mine, and i’ve read it in numerous times.  so lewis carroll’s alice’s adventures in wonderland was a piece i had always wanted to illustrate, so i started there.  (that, as well as j.m. barrie’s peter pan and l. frank baum’s the wonderful wizard of oz are my big three– the one’s i collect pretty much every in-print edition of that i can find.)

regardless, alice’s background has many familiar icons.

the pocket watch with the white rabbit (“i’m late!  i’m late!”)

various teapots & teacups (the mad tea party, of course)

the queen of heart’s crown

the “drink me” tag

and, plainly in the top left-hand corner, alice being quite befuddled as to what exactly is happening.  she’s a watcher, a learner, a sensible gal in a nonsensical world.  but she’s brave and strong.  and won’t take any nonsense that stands in her way of getting back to where she needs to be.

painted in gouache, with alice’s shoes and stockings rendered in india ink.

original painting has SOLD, but lucky you,

you can purchase the limited edition, signed and numbered prints here on my etsy shop:  http://etsy.me/1D1z09X

or the cards here:  http://etsy.me/1OsECe8