“little wizard boy.”

wizard boy ron

we [royal, just me, really] reduced harry’s tale down to these images and icons- and decided on the painting layout.
here was the final background pattern drawing.
and for a wee bit of texture on this one, we painted it on watercolour paper instead of my usual illustration board.
i still painted it in gouache, but layers and layers of washes instead of the usual opaque application of one colour at a time.
and here is the final painting!
and here’s the print that you can buy on my etsy shoppe!

“little wizard boy.”

original gouache painting by me, hallie m. bertling (SOLD)

here in all his humble glory is our favorite little wizard boy, flying off to the next adventure in my faerie tale feet series.

search the background for icons relaying people and events from his magical journeys:
chocolate frogs, the winged key (book one on the way to face quirrell), his stag patronus, the grim, golden snitches, the gryffindor crest, dobby, his hogwarts acceptance letter, the sorting hat, his infamous broken glasses & lightning bolt scar, dumbledore’s half*moon glasses, the prophecy from the department of mysteries, hedwig, the hungarian horntail faced in goblet of fire, buckbeak the hippogriff…. i thinks that’s it, but maybe you’ll find more. 😉

hogwarts is pictured in the bottom right*hand corner– with a hint of knitting in gryffindor burgundy & yellow– for it was HOME to harry. and i always think of mrs. weasley knitting him that Christmas sweater- his first real Christmas present. homey, no? (also in the tower is a famous symbol and the title of book seven.)

also, the one sock you can see on the harry figure is his homemade gift from dobby– his mismatched red sock with broomsticks on it. the other unseen sock of course was the green one with snitches. so since you can’t see both socks in the composition, i combined them into a red sock with snitches. sneaky.

the original painting has sold, but you can purchase the limited edition print here on my etsy shoppe:  http://etsy.me/1MZXhh3


this is how we start.

so i had an old blog.  & i tried to log in today.  but it’s been four years and the internet has changed since then.  (for shame!)

so with all my mighty intentions of actually showing you the process and explaining all the iconography behind my faerie tale feet series, we’ll just start afresh right here.

enJOY browsing through the series, and holler if you have any questions or would like to purchase a piece!

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