“off to neverland!”

peter 1
i collect a fair bit {too much? nah.} of peter pan media. books. illustrated editions. movies. musicals. soundtracks. and more books. here’s some of the collection. i also wanted to do a companion piece to my “wendy loves peter pan.” so i painted peter.
peter 2
nearly done filling in the background drawing with icons from the tale. bottom features the neverland skyline and the lagoon with the jolly roger.
peter 3
you gotta start somewhere… so we fill in the background with green gouache around all the icons and peter’s feet first…
peter 4
one at a time, filling in each icon with its own colour.
peter 5
nearly done?! background and icons painted. working on lagoon, ship, and of course saving peter’s feet for last.
peter 6
detail of the lagoon & jolly roger. love a happy ending, so of course highlighted it with pixie dust.
peter 7
final “off to neverland!” painting with tape removed from the edges!

“off to neverland!”

join peter, the lost boys, michael, john, and of course wendy as they adventure through j.m.barrie’s most fantastic, and my favourite, work & faerie tale.

original faerie tale feet painting by me, hallie m. gillett bertling.

11×11″ gouache {with a bit of ink and coloured pencil on peter’s feet, too.}

search the background icon imagery to find all the details that make up the most magical, adventurous place ever: tiger lily, the hungry crocodile anxious for more of capt. jas. hook, the redskins’ hatchets, hook’s poison, tinker bell, the acorn the saved wendy’s life, the arrow that would have shot into her heart, the pram that the lost boys must have fallen out of in kensington gardens or the fairies wouldn’t have carried them off to neverland, the kite that carried peter to shore when they were marooned on a rock, the mermaids, cinderella’s slipper (the faerie tale peter had come back to the nursery window to hear the end of), and a white bird– the first work of barrie’s to ever mention this remarkable boy who would never grow up.

the bottom of the piece shows the skyline of neverland and the pirate’s lagoon, complete with the jolly roger perhaps ready for sailing back to london with just a pinch more of pixie dust.

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