“i’m the doctor.”

doctor 1
beginning to fill in the doctor’s background pattern with icons from 50 years of bbc telly…
doctor 2
here’s the final background pattern– with the (tenth) doctor’s feet.
doctor 3
my right hand seen here painting in the blue background with beautiful gouache around each and every icon shape…
doctor 4
background done… with the exception of those feet!
doctor 5
and final gouache painting– sneakers included.

“i’m the doctor.”

so perhaps not a traditional faerie tale, but fifty years of british television, film, radio, and numerous published short stories has made this time traveller worthy of an iconic faerie tale feet rendering.

seen here, of course, are the eleventh doctor’s sneakers and pinstripe pants. but background icons that cross many of the doctors’ incarnations and timelines make their appearances. bowties are cool, for example. as well as the weeping angels, the beauteous tardis, the cybermen, rose (not my personal fave companion; but probably just jealous over here), the daleks, the sonic screwdriver… you see.

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(front reads front reads:
“You want weapons? We’re in a library.
Books! Best weapons in the world.”

from the very creepy werewolf/queen victoria episode.  but yay books!)

“just outlawe robin hood” & “maid marian adventuriere.”

looooots of robin hood {robyn hoode} research… i got a bit carried away. 🙂
robin 1
the first sketches and thumbnails of robin hood and marian. i picture him leaning against a tree all suave & marian leaning over to kiss his cheek. 🙂 excellent use of a tree in the forest, no? 🙂
robin 2
beginning to trace all the icon shapes onto robin’s tracing paper to create a full pattern.
robin 3
here are the final background patterns for both robin and marian.
robin 5
after i transferred the patterns, i filled in each background. robin’s background green is a bit more neutral than marian’s.
robin 4
marian’s background green gouache paint colour is a little more mint than robin’s. but they still look smashing side-by-side.
robin 6
here’s both side-by side in progress…. starting to fill in the icon shapes one colour at a time.
robin 7
i did use the same gouache colour for the icons in both paintings. (like richard the lion hearted lions are the same colour of peachy gouache paint.)
robin 8
here they are side-by-side. almost done!
robin 9
these were all the paper plate palettes i used! 🙂

“just outlawe robin hood.”


“maid marian adventuriere.”

i painted these two faerie tale feet paintings with the pair in mind.
i picture robin hood leaning against a tree being all suave and manly, while maid marian reaches up to kiss his cheek. 😉

based on the many legends, histories, and tales of robin hood (and his merry men!), plus the romantic french addition to the tale of our beloved maid marian, these limited edition signed & numbered prints bring the spirit of the forest to life.
the legend goes WAY back (my research stack was RIDICULOUSLY tall)… and range from theories of “robyn hoode” being a nickname for any outlawe in ye olde english record books, to an actual historical figure… the legend changed with the times as the populace might be mad at government (prince john, the sheriff of nottingham) at one point in history, or angry at the church (yes, friar tuck is the bad guy in a good number of versions, too!) was a lot of fun to research the varying tellings, and there is no shortage of adventure or daring in any tale of robin hood and his merry men.

icons include: the silver arrow (won in an archery contest while robin hood was in disguise; later shot through the window of the sheriff of nottingham with a “note” on it. ha!); an archer (the merry men) in green; the crown (prince john, wrongly ruling while richard was “out of town.” hmpf.); a beard (robin hood was handsome with brown hair & a neat beard. i’ll take it); a fleur de lis (the english legends and tales had no girls in the stories. the french being the romantics that they are, praise God, added maid marian!); robin hood’s famous feathered cap; a lion (king richard the lion hearted, returned from battle to marry robin hood and maid marian); the silver bugle (kept at robin hood’s side to call his merry men if he were ever in danger); a sword (yes, lots of sword fights, too.); red deer (illegal, with the death penalty, to kill the king’s deer, it’s what robin hood and his merry men lived off of in sherwood forest. robin figured richard would forgive him upon his return for upholding justice for the commoners and against the evil sheriff of nottingham and prince john while richard was away. robin was correct, and was fully pardoned by the rightful king richard.); a harp (the story of allan-a-dale, who enlisted the aid of robin hood, the merry men, and friar tuck to prevent his true love from having to marry an old & stinky bachelor as arranged by her father. they intervened and friar tuck performed the ceremony for allan-a-dale, a wandering minstrel, and his beloved bride.); a target (in most tellings, robin hood is superb archer)…. and i think that’s all that’s hidden in the background pattern. let me know if you find more. 😉
(background icons are the same with the exception of an added owl shape to maid marian’s background; goddess of the forest, wisdom, you know…)

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