“marie had really seen all these things.”

marie 1
hey look! it’s my old pointe shoes!
marie 2
sketch and sketch and sketch…
marie 3
for whatever reason, i made these icon sketches TINY. so the background pattern got really complicated…
marie 4
after tracing all the icons to fill in the tracing paper, i re-transferred the background pattern onto the illustration board.
marie 5
again- why are they so tiny?! i started with filling in the background around all the icons with a sturdy, true holiday green.
marie 6
one icon at a time, the background starts to fill in with even more colours!
marie 7
almost there….
marie 8
and the final gouache piece, seen here by the very-late-at-nite drafting table lamp…!

“marie had really seen all those things.”
original gouache painting from hallie m. bertling’s faerie tale feet series.
based on e.t.a. hoffman’s “nutcracker and mouse king”

for ballet or Christmas or theatre enthusiasts, the
icons in the background tell the nutcracker story.
the painting features dancing feet en pointe to celebrate the adventure of a magical fantasy winter wonderland.
included are the 7 heads of the mouse king, the silver swans, the marzipan shepherdess, and lots of other delightful visual treasures that are told in the tale.  {including, but not limited to:  the soldiers’ swords, the grey cat, the cuckoo clock with owl atop, rocking horse, snowflakes, presents, candlestick, soldier, and anything else you can find!}

(the keyhole in the top left corner is to symbolize when the kids were peeking through the great big door to see their presents under the great big tree; the bottom right corner is the crown marie receives when she is whisked back and becomes queen for keeps!)

limited edition prints available here:  http://etsy.me/1MYVbA2

greeting card [great for Christmas and the holidays!] available here:  http://etsy.me/1Dy4SDy

and the original gouache painting is still available for just $425.  convo me via etsy!  ❤

perfect for your budding ballerina or favourite dance teacher!