“perfectly mary poppins.”

mary 1
sometimes i bribe {with desserts} friends & family members to model for me as i figure out who the characters are.
mary 2
penguins! bowler hats! parrot umbrellas! and all 9 mary poppins books by p.l. travers…!
mary 3
the pattern ready to be re-traced onto illustration board for painting.
mary 4
we begin in the top corner… painting in that blue background, using the gouache carefully around each and every symbolic icon shape in the background.
mary 5
after the background is painted in solid, we start painting in each icon, one colour at a time!
mary 6
of course we save the feet for last…!
mary 7
the herringbone pattern on the shoes turned out better than i expected. i actually used black india ink on the feet and socks for that pure black and full range of values.

“perfectly mary poppins.”

original gouache and ink painting by hallie m. bertling, based on the writings of p.l. travers.

“supposing you weren’t mary poppins, who would you choose to be?”
“mary poppins!” she said.

everybody has memories of the movie.
one of my ALL-time favourite movie scenes is “step in time.”
and what girl isn’t in love with dick van dyke’s uber-charming bert?

this faerie tale feet painting features the iconic tell-tale signs of everyone’s favourite magical nanny.
we all know she comes and goes as she pleases.
her toes-out posture is surrounded by tuxedoed penguins (i named the one in the blue bow tie skippy because i could), her perfectly starched apron, her iconic carpet bag, the parrot-topped umbrella, the blue duck (read p.l. travers’ nine mary poppins books; it’s in there!), the carousel horse, the hunting fox, mr. banks’ bowler hat, 17 cherries (you know, 17 cherry tree lane!), mary poppins’ daisy-lined hat, those hungry pigeons, medicines by the spoonful (strawberry for jane; lime for michael; rum punch for mary poppins; and milk for the baby- also in the books is a younger sibling!), a chimney sweep’s sweeper, and of course: a forget-me-not as bert’s perfect gift to the lovely lady.

celebrate the movie. celebrate the books.
rewatch disney’s “saving mr. banks” and laugh & cry & cheer.
it’s a jolly holiday for everybody!

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