“somebody– ought to– kiss you, laura!”

laura 1
the glass menagerie pattern taped down and ready to be re-traced onto the illustration board i’ll paint on.
laura 2
my favourite element of this painting was the couch with the Blue Roses. if you know the play, you’ll get that. 😉
laura 3
this couch was So Much Fun to paint!
laura 4
couch upholstery and the background colour painted and ready to start on the icons…!
laura 5
one icon colour at a time… you can see the “fancy” palette i use all the time– yep. a paper dixie plate. they store well to re-use touches of colour as needed. and gouache is of course re-chargeable. hurray!
laura 6
the final print of “somebody– ought to– kiss you, laura!” based on tennessee williams’ genius piece of theatre.

“somebody– ought to– kiss you, laura!”

from my faerie tale feet series, this gouache painting is based on one of my favorite plays: “the glass menagerie” by tennessee williams.

i had a little too much in common with laura back in high school. i didn’t have pleurosis, or a debutante mother, or a brother, but i was crippilingly self*conscious. for no good reason. shy & ever with a crush on the out*going, popular boy who dared to talk to me, laura was my spirit animal. i got her. she understood.

so to depict the tale, i used the following icons:
amanda’s jonquils of her debutante youth. {the yellow flowers}
tom’s blame-shifting. {pointer finger}  tom’s escapism to the movies for the adventure they all have. {movie projector}
laura’s abandoned typewriting & shorthand classes. {typewriters}
laura’s most precious glass unicorn {unicorns!} who loses his horn {there’s one horn-less unicorn in there} when she & the gentleman caller bump into the table and knock him off when dancing in the dark by the glow of the candelabrum {candelabrum!} and the silver slipper of a moon {moon!}.  without his horn, her favourite figurine is less freakish, but just like all the others:  a souvenir.
the rosy colour of the new lampshade {the background}.  the violet of laura’s gown. {the now-hornless unicorn.}
may “blue roses” { what popular jim thought laura said when she said “pleurosis” back in high school} ever remind you that as self*conscious as you are, people probably don’t notice what you judge yourself by. or if they do, it makes you special. unique. different. worth being celebrated for you.

original gouache painting available framed for $425.

limited edition, signed and titled prints available here on my etsy shoppe:  http://etsy.me/1gSP6JB

the greeting card available here:  http://etsy.me/1EgekWX

{front of blank greeting card is a quote from the play:

“when you look at a piece of delicately spun glass you think of two things: how beautiful it is and how easily it can be broken.” }


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