“queen lucy the valiant.”

lucy 1
sometimes i sketch and research and explore one faerie tale while connecting with another. seen here are reepicheep and the sea serpent taking shape during a harry potter movie marathon.
lucy 2
tracing the lamp post– filling in the background pattern with my final icon sketches so the background is FULL.
lucy 3
painting in the background with very purple gouache– painting around every single icon!
lucy 4
filling in the icons- one colour at a time. and of course leaving the feet for last!
lucy 5
here’s lucy!

“queen lucy the valiant.”

based on the narnia tales by c.s. lewis.

lucy pevensie knew what was what. the youngest. the wisest. the least listened-to. i can empathize.

a royal purple background for our brave heroine, her story covers at least 5 of the 7 narnia books. and no doubt she is having adventures even when we don’t know her whereabouts.

reepicheep, peter’s shield, her diamond cordial of fireflowers, the sewing machine mrs. beaver wants to pack when they’re being chased by the scary wolves the queen sends after them… the reindeer, the sea serpent (or dragon of eustace, if you’d rawther), and of course the lamp post and mr. tumnus, holding both his tail over his arm as well as his umbrella and parcels in the snow.

as aslan cannae have favorites, i wouldn’t suggest such a thing. but i have a favorite. for as beautiful as susan was, as valiant as peter was, and as much as edmund was forgiven, lucy was the most in tune with her faith. knowing the right course of action even if it required the most danger, held potential for the greatest fall, and was met with the most resistance from leadership, armies, siblings, and friends.

the original gouache painting (11×11″ image size, 19″ with mat and frame) is available for $425.

you can purchase the limited edition print here on my halthegal etsy shoppe:  http://etsy.me/1KWlZi5

the lucy greeting card is available here:  http://etsy.me/1KWm3P3

(front of the cards is a lucy quote from one of her interactions with Aslan:  “i don’t know, but i think i could be brave enough.”  it’s blank on the inside for all sorts of inspiring messages to share.)


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