“what a dahl: bluestocking matilda.”

oh, man, i love roald dahl. and “matilda” is the coolest little bookworm you ever did have the privilege of reading about. unless you know her? could you introduce me, please?
i LOVE how the colour scheme turned out for this one. so painting the background in that cool grey like a chalkboard [integral to the plot!], and then filling in the icons one by one was a real joy.
pretty pretty pretty… and always leaving the feets for last!
yes, i did a colour mock-up with my crayolas on her argyle stockings so i wouldn’t get confused.

and here’s matilda’s feet– before i painted in the chalkboard border! [yes, i wore saddle shoes; even in high school. proud nerd.]
“what a dahl: bluestocking matilda.”

blue·stock·ing [bloo-stok-ing]
a woman with considerable scholarly, literary, or intellectual ability or interest.

for whatever reason, in the third grade, i won a $10 gift card to waldenbooks. mom drove me to monmouth mall & i came home with matilda, the wonderful story of henry sugar, the fantastic mr. fox, & the twits. i consider it one of the more defining moments of my inspired life.

in this faerie tale feet series painting (the original is gouache), i pay ode to another of my favorite literary heroines: matilda wormwood. (although she hardly seems related to her terrible parents, that is her last name.)

a precocious chatterbox, she taught herself to read, devoured all the children’s books at the local library, and took up the classics all before finally convincing her parents she was a truant and ought to be allowed to attend school. her magic was born of her angst, and with practice, is what rescued both herself, miss honey, & the entire school from the maliciously nefarious headmistress trunchbull.

i could explain ALL of the icons for you, but i’d hate to spoil such a scrumpdidilliumptious read if you haven’t read the master storyteller’s novel yet for yourself.  [but if you need some seek-n-find fun, here are some hints:  the green library chair, the dreaded telly, a newt, the airplane getaway for the rest of the fam, her dad’s car/business, her mom’s blonde hair and a reference to one of matilda’s better pranks, a bull {for ms. trunchbull; yikes!}, miss honey’s teapots, books {because, obviously}, the parrot {another inspired prank with some help from the neighbors}, the chalkboard to scare away The Biggest Bully Ever {trying not to give you spoilers!}, and well, of course, matilda’s metaphorical bluestockings.]

you may read to know that you are never alone.
and please to remember that reading is always preferable to the telly.

limited edition print available on my etsy site here:  http://etsy.me/1M4Ux4P

matilda’s greeting card available here:  http://etsy.me/1eLpwnL

please email me if you’re interested in purchasing the original gouache painting.  halthegal@hotmail.com


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