“wendy loves peter pan.”

background pattern
having traced all the crocodiles, pirate swords, tinkerbells, tiger lilies, & more, the pattern is ready for transfer to illustration board!
background color
once the drawing is transferred, the paint starts going in around every single shape… one colour at a time!
background progress
after the background is filled in, i paint each shape its own colour. once again, one colour at a time until there’s colour everywhere!!
wendy loves peter pan.
final gouache painting on illustraiton board, 11×11,” by hallie m. bertling
just some of the peter pan media and references in my collection….

oh, boy do i love “peter pan” by j.m. barrie.  i can literally count on my shelves um, well, upwards of three dozen different published editions, illustrated editions, or novel spin-offs of the classic tale.  plus, half a dozen dvds and as many cds.  i’m a bit obsessed, but let’s just call me an avid collector of pixie dust, eh?

so here is my original gouache painting (original sold in atlanta last year; sorry):

“wendy loves peter pan.”

there’s no denying that.
but how do we get to neverland? second star to the right & straight on ’til morning, of course.

join wendy as she flies over the london skyline (london*ish, i mostly looked at mary poppins sets for reference; ha) and onward & upward to unceasing adventures with peter & the lost boys.

of course there are forces to be reckoned with: jealousy.  tink.  the exotic tiger lily.  mermaids.  each foe a danger to wendy’s ego and self*assured motherly ways.  but the girl has spirit.  and even the obvious foes: pirates.  hook. the draw of home.  can’t hinder her womanly wiles and shadow*sewing skills.

fly away wendy.
and don’t deny that heart of yours.

original painting has SOLD, but limited edition signed prints available here:  http://etsy.me/1DF4QnT

greeting cards available here:  http://etsy.me/1KqoCIL

& yes, peter got his own painting too:  http://etsy.me/1KqoGby

there are a LOT of fun icons hidden in this background:  flamingoes and mermaids were of course what wendy wanted to see when peter taunted her with running away to neverland, younger brother michael’s teddy bear, the pirate scabbard, hook’s hook, tiger lily’s profile, tinkerbell, that crocodile intent on consuming the rest of capt. jas. hook, and of course, you can find the “map” to neverland hidden in the stars.  i’d take the one on the right if i were you.